Chicken Shooter Campain Level 56 Passed Full

This is a classic Shoot’em Up. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe from its intergalactic chickens. In this game the chickens want to attack the earth and we must defend ourselves.
In this “bullet hell” shooter game, you will be faced with an increasingly large number of projectiles and enemies. As the game progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecraft to bring it to full lethal capacity.
Save the Earth from invading chickens! Advance through waves of invading chickens, avoiding falling rockets and collecting power-ups to boost your spaceship’s firepower.
The game is packed with 60 levels giving you hours of fun for you and your friends.

– Easy to play, Hard to master
– Fast smooth action on phone or tablet
– Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
– Great sound effects and soundtrack
– Retro arcade feel
– Global Scoreboard
The Space’s future is now in your hands. Download Chicken Shooter today!


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